"With confidence, you have won before you have started."

Marcus Garvey

The African & Caribbean Student Association (ACSA) operates as a social, cultural, non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization affiliated to the Universities of Groningen and Hanze. Members are the African and Caribbean students of Groningen.


Maintain contacts between students and former students of the Universities in Groningen and other Academic institutions in The Netherlands who are African or Caribbean


Acknowledge and present rich African and Caribbean culture and heritage to the Groningen community through activities and events


Facilitate interactions with other student associations in The Netherlands.
Promote goodwill and understanding among international African and Caribbean Students


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This is the place to easily connect with your fellow students, alumni, young professionals and companies! The goal is to create a network of African and Caribbean students which extends beyond our time at University. We will make an effort to post career, research, volunteering, and internship opportunities. Please feel free to do so as well and share this group amoung peers.


Contact Board members for collaboration, questions, ideas, or to be added to the WhatsApp Groupchat! You can do so through any of our social media platforms, or fill in this form directly.